State-of-the-art technology

Building over decades of development experience, The KC-390 incorporates the most advanced and proven technologies and design concepts. Equipped with sate-of-the art technologies, the KC-390 provides significant reduced crew work load, efficience and precision to the accomplishment of mission.

the KC-390 is the future


The most capable flight control system in the segment allowing pilots to tailor the system to the mission and safely fly to the limits of the flight envelope with low crew workload.


Fully interactive and CNS/ATM compliant Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Suite delivers intuitive Human Machine Interfaces, enhancing productivity and safety.


A fully integrated Onboard Maintenance System provides diagnostic information to the maintenance crews, facilitating troubleshooting activities, reducing downtime and cost and achieving airline level availability.


Flexible Cargo Handling System allows securing different cargo types and sizes, to perform automatic cargo aerial delivery and easily load and unload vehicles and pallets.

State-of-the-art technology and design enhancing operational productivity and safety

Loadmaster Station

From a protected station, the Loadmaster can control and operate the Cargo Handling System; enhancing system situational awareness and allowing efficient handing and deployment of cargo.

Strut Stabilizer

The Hydraulic Strut Stabilizer is an important feature for remote and autonomous operation. Commanded from the Loadmaster Station, it conveniently stabilizes the aircraft reducing time on the ground and minimising vulnerability in hostile areas.


The KC-390 is equipped with advanced Tactical Radar, featuring Spot SAR (Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar), weather, air-to-air, navigation, air-to-ground and high resolution modes.


The KC-390 Self-Protection System combines a broad range of Detection & Declaration devices (Radar Warning, Laser Warning and Missile Approach Warning) to capable Countermeasures (Chaff and Flare and DIRCM); enhancing the aircraft security in threatening scenarios.


The KC-390 integrates several mission systems to provide truly advanced multimission capabilities. Tactical SAR Radar, EO/IR Probe and Mission Computers allow the flexible employment of the aircraft to different scenarios.


For the air delivery mission, the Continuous Computed Drop Point (CCDP) algorithm uses altitude, speed and wind to define the optimum release point to reach the drop zone. This allows for manual or automatic cargo release.